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Baidu is a leading AI company with a strong Internet foundation. Baidu's vision is to become the world's top high-tech company that understands users best and helps people grow. The word "Baidu" comes from a word of xin Qiji, a poet of the Southern Song Dynasty, eight hundred years ago: the search for him is thousands of baidu. This sentence describes the poet's persistent pursuit of ideals. At the end of 1999, Robin Li saw the huge development potential of China's Internet and Chinese search engine services in Silicon Valley, holding the dream of technology to change the world, he resolutely quit his high-paying job in Silicon Valley, with search engine patent technology, founded Baidu in Zhongguancun on January 1, 2000. Baidu has tens of thousands of r&d engineers, the top technical team in China and the world. This team has mastered the most advanced search engine technology in the world, making Baidu the Chinese high-tech enterprise that has mastered the world's cutting-edge science and core technology, and making China one of the only four countries with the core technology of search engine in the world besides the United States, Russia and South Korea

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