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Netease has launched a portal website, online games, email, online education, e-commerce, online music, netease CC live streaming and other services. The headquarters project of netease in Guangzhou Tianhe Smart City is scheduled to be completed in January 2019, and netease Game headquarters will settle in]. In 2016, game business revenue accounted for 73.3% of netease's total revenue. In 2011, netease Hangzhou Research Institute was launched. Netease Media and other operations in Beijing. Netease launched netease Cloud Music and other projects in Hangzhou. Netease's annual financial report shows that its annual net income in 2019 was 59.24 billion yuan; Based on non-US GAAP, net profit attributable to shareholders of netease from continuing operations is 15.66 billion Yuan. In 2019, netease made major breakthroughs by deepening its strategic focus, sticking to the content consumption field and actively laying out core tracks such as games, education, music and e-commerce. While maintaining steady growth, Netease Youdao, Chuangxin and other business sectors have exploded with strong potential, providing continuous momentum for long-term development in the future

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