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The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), formerly known as the British Broadcasting Company, was founded in 1922 in London, England, and is the world's largest news media. The BBC was the world's first television station when it began television service in 1936. 1967 - The BBC broadcasts wimbledon in colour for the first time, ushering in the age of colour television. On 19 October 2020, Bilibili (station B) and BBC Studios announced a long-term strategic partnership. The two sides will carry out a series of in-depth cooperation in the fields of documentary content co-production and IP derivative development. Previously, both parties have established long-term and in-depth cooperation in copyright content. In the future, a large number of BBC quality documentaries and flagship British dramas will be successively landed on B station. At the same time, the two sides will also carry out more cooperation in content production, IP joint development and other fields.

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