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NAVER (네이버), the parent company of LINE, is the world's fifth largest search engine (after Google, Yahoo, Baidu, and Bing), the largest search engine and portal in South Korea, and the largest Internet company by market capitalization on the Korean stock market. Our business covers South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Its Logo, a straw hat, was officially put into use in June 1999. Naver has offices in the U.S., China, Japan, Vietnam and an overseas research facility called Naver Labs. Its Clova and other intelligent products have leading technology in the field of artificial intelligence. With thousands of r&d engineers, Naver has the world's leading search engine technology, making South Korea one of only four countries in the world besides the United States, China and Russia with the core search engine technology. In addition to being number one in LINE and Hangul search, it also offers many other services such as Hangul news, maps, photos, payments, shopping, videos, translations and more. In October 2018, Fortune's Top 50 future Companies list was released, and NAVER ranked sixth.

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