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Launched in 1999, pingyang computer network is the first large-scale IT information website based on professional computer market alliance in China. Since its establishment, IT has been committed to providing comprehensive, authoritative and professional IT information services for domestic IT enterprises and end users. With perfect facilities, powerful technical force and well-trained information collection team, PConline makes full use of abundant resources in Pacific computer market to provide professional product evaluation, authoritative market quotation, latest industry trends and comprehensive enterprise information in a timely manner. And the establishment of the largest and most comprehensive IT enterprise database, product database and talent supply database, between IT enterprises and end users to build a large interactive and win-win information exchange platform. The website contains today's quote, DIY hardware, digital home, industry information, enterprise channel, photography tribe, DV channel, Walkman, digital camera, mobile phone, software channel, download center, GPS column, laptop, communication channel, product library and many other channels.

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