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MTV (Music Television), also known as Music network or global Music Television, is the world's largest Music network, to create a separate Television network broadcast Music videos (MV); Music Video is short for Music Video. The general reference to MTV is definitely not the same as mv. MTV is a cable network originally dedicated to music videos, especially rock music. MTV later also aired many different types of programming aimed at teenagers and young adults. MTV has been owned by Viacom Since 1985. MTV will invite DJS to play and radio hosts to host. Its funding comes from Warner Music Group and American Express co. It was later bought by Viacom as a wholly owned subsidiary. Emule fantasy cinema can provide high-definition MTV download, you can see in the MTV music video, young VJ, cynical lines, for the promotion of special rock concert, the orchestra of news and documentary, which makes the MTV is popular among the young audience, and to be a leader in promoting new rock 'n' roll and rock musicians. Some people who consider themselves "real musicians" will see MTV as overmanufactured, boring pop music.

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