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The Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie A (Italian for National Professionals League Serie A), commonly known as LNPA or Lega Serie A (Serie A League), is the governing body that runs the major professional football competitions in Italy, most prominently the Serie A. It was founded on 1 July 2010. In the past the television rights of the Serie A clubs were sold separately, and "Serie A" had to financially support Serie B through divided part of the Serie A TV revenues to Serie B clubs. On 30 April 2009, Serie A announced a split from Serie B, when nineteen of the twenty clubs voted in favour of the move. Relegation-threatened Lecce voted against.[1][2][3][4] The governing body took over most of the competitions formerly held by Lega Calcio, namely Serie A, Coppa Italia, Supercoppa Italiana, and youth competitions Campionato Primavera 1, Coppa Italia Primavera, and Supercoppa Primavera. Serie B is now organised by the Lega Serie B, which was also created in 2010.

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